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9.390 Ft (7.394 Ft + ÁFA)

Wall charger Acefast A41 , 2x USB-C + USB, GaN 65W (white)

9.390 Ft (7.394 Ft + ÁFA)
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt
Gyártó: Acefast
Szállítási díj: 950 Ft
Várható szállítás: 2024. május 31.


Acefast A41 network charger, 2x USB-C + USB, GaN 65W (white)

Charge up to 3 devices simultaneously and save time. The Acefast A41 charger is equipped with 3 ports (2x USB-C, 1x USB-A) and supports various fast charging standards. It provides up to 65W of power and guarantees stable, reliable and safe operation thanks to GaN technology. The product is also very lightweight and handy.

Fast charging

Do you care about charging your devices as fast as possible? The A41 charger will not let you down! The product stands out with a power of up to 65W and supports such standards as PPS, PD, QC4+, QC3.0, AFC, FCP and SCP, for example. This means that it will renew the energy of your smartphone or even laptop in no time!

As many as 3 available ports

Now you can conveniently charge several of your devices at the same time or share the charger with a friend. The A41 offers as many as 3 ports - 2x USB-C and 1x USB-A. Thanks to this, it will charge up to 3 equipment at the same time! The product is compatible with most popular models of smartphones, tablets, laptops and portable game consoles.

For the sake of safety

The charger uses advanced GaN technology to ensure not only fast, but also stable and safe charging. It also stands out for its fast heat dissipation. The product has also received a multi-level security system, so you don't have to worry about damaging it.

Thoughtful design

Despite its powerful capabilities, the charger is surprisingly light and handy - it weighs only 136g. You can easily pack it in your bag and take it with you to work, on a trip or to your dorm! What's more, the housing of the A41 model is made of durable, flame-retardant PC.

Available ports2x USB-C, 1x USB-A
InputAC 100-240V, 1.5A, 50/60Hz
OutputUSB-C1: 3.3V - 21V ⎓ 3A (PPS), 5V ⎓ 3 , 9V ⎓ 3A, 12V ⎓ 3A, 15V ⎓ 3A, 20V ⎓ 3.25A - 65W max. (PD / PPS / QC4+ / AFC / SCP / FCP);
USB-C2: 3.3V - 11V ⎓ 2.7A (PPS), 5V ⎓ 3A, 9V ⎓ 3A, 12V ⎓ 2.5A, 15V ⎓ 2A, 20V ⎓ 1.5A - 30W max. (PD / PPS / QC4+ / AFC / SCP / FCP);
USB-A: 4.5V ⎓ 5A, 5V ⎓ 4.5A, 5V ⎓ 3A, 9V ⎓ 3A, 12V ⎓ 2.5A - 30W max (QC3. 0 / AFC / SCP / FCP);
USB-C1 + USB-C2: 45W + 20W;
USB-C1 + USB-A: 45W + 18W;
USB-C2 + USB-A: 5V / 3.6A (18W);
USB-C1 + [USB-C2 + USB-A]: 45W + [18W];
Dimensions96.4 x 30.3 x 52.8mm


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