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5.290 Ft (4.165 Ft + ÁFA)

Toocki Charger 2C GaN 40W (Black)

5.290 Ft (4.165 Ft + ÁFA)
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt
Gyártó: Toocki
Szállítási díj: 950 Ft
Várható szállítás: 2024. május 28.


Toocki 2xUSB-C, GaN 40W mains charger (black)

Charge your devices with up to 40 watts of power. The Toocki network charger is equipped with 2 USB-C ports, so you can connect 2 devices to it at the same time. It intelligently distributes power between them, increasing the safety of use. It also features a compact design, and thanks to its GaN chip, it works extremely efficiently.


Save your precious time

No longer do you have to wait for one device to be charged before you plug in another. The Toocki charger offers 2 USB-C ports, operates at 40 watts and supports PD27W fast charging. All of this translates into instant power restoration. In addition, the smart chip automatically recognizes the connected equipment and adjusts the power to it, ensuring not only efficiency, but also keeping the battery safe.


GaN technology

The use of GaN technology has made it possible to reduce the size of the charger, while ensuring efficient operation and improved heat distribution. As a result, the device won't take up much space and you can easily stow it in your backpack or purse to have the ability to renew energy anywhere. In addition, with voltage support ranging from 100 to 240 volts, you can use it in different countries.


Wide compatibility

With Toocki, you can abandon limitations. The charger is widely compatible with Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, Lenovo and Dell laptops, Apple, Huawei and Xiaomi tablets, Huawei, Xiaomi and iPhone phones, as well as Switch handsets and game consoles.

Manufacturer Toocki
Input AC100-240V, 50/60Hz, 1.2A (max)
USB-C1 output 5V/3A; 9V/3A; 12V/3A; 15V/2.5A; 20V/2A; 40W (max)
USB-C2 output 5V/3A; 9V/3A; 12V/3A; 15V/2.5A; 20V/2A; 40W (max)
USB-C1 USB-C2 output 20W 20W (40W max)
Dimensions 81 x 41 x 28 mm
Color black


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