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HiFuture FutureGo Mix2 Okosóra (fekete)
30.090 Ft (23.693 Ft + ÁFA)

HiFuture FutureGo Mix2 Okosóra (fekete)

30.090 Ft (23.693 Ft + ÁFA)
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt
Gyártó: HiFuture
Szállítási díj: 950 Ft
Várható szállítás: 2024. május 24.


HiFuture FutureGo Mix2 SmartWatch (black).

Bet on a device that will keep up with your daily activities. The FutureGo Mix2 is a smart watch with a 1.43-inch AMOLED display. You don't have to carry your phone with you all the time to conveniently answer calls, manage your music player, or measure your steps. The device also monitors your health and allows you to track your workout progress. It can run for up to 12 days without recharging and supports AOD mode, where you have constant access to the most important information. The smartwatch is waterproof, so nothing prevents it from accompanying you around the clock.


Stunning design

The FutureGo Mix2 impresses with its design. It attracts attention with its touchscreen with a metal case, and its high build quality will satisfy the requirements of the most demanding users. The 1.43-inch AMOLED display provides realistic, vivid colors and smooth operation, making using the FutureGo Mix2 a pleasure.


Complete freedom at any time

The smartwatch connects to the phone of your choice via Bluetooth 5.3, the most stable and energy-efficient version of this technology, allowing you to freely contact loved ones and receive calls from your watch. Stay connected and enjoy complete freedom!


Health reports

The device is equipped with a smart sensor that monitors your vital functions. Breathing, stress levels and even sleep quality. All this so you can take even more effective care of your body and enjoy a great sense of well-being.


Train effectively and achieve your goals

At your disposal is a wide range of sports modes, among which you are sure to find your favorite sport. During your workout, the device measures your heart rate, distance traveled number of steps and number of calories burned. All this gives you real-time feedback on how you're training, so you can give even more, reach your goals and break more records!


Extended runtime

The FutureGo Mix2 smartwatch has a runtime of up to 12 days. No matter if you leave the house for a few hours or embark on a trip of several days - the device will not let you down. It is equipped with a 400 mAh battery, which you can conveniently charge using the magnetic charger in about 2 hours.


Always on Display mode

Do you like to have the most important information at hand? Use the AOD mode, in which the screen does not go blank and displays the time at all times. In AOD mode, the display will also show the dial of your choice, so you can enjoy vibrant colors on your wrist.


Waterproof design

Forgot to take the watch off while washing dishes? no problem! The FutureGo Mix2 features a waterproof, rugged design. It won't be harmed by contact with water - it is resistant to splashing and even intentional immersion, so it can accompany you in your daily activities without any obstacles.



  • Smartwatch (including a standard strap),
  • Magnetic charging cable,
  • User manual
Manufacturer HiFuture
Model FutureGo Mix2
Color Black
Display AMOLED
Size 1,43"
Resolution 466 × 466 Resolution
Touch screen Tempered glass + fingerprint protection coating
Battery capacity 400 mAh (rated)
Charging method Magnetic charging
Theoretical charging time Approximately 2 hours
Width 22 mm
Supported systems Android 7.0 and above, IOS 12.0 and above


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